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David Puttnam



We have to protect and enhance every last scrap of countryside that exists, because, quite simply, there isn't any more. This will not be achieved without many further struggles in the face of powerful political and economic interests. We have to plot, persuade, cajole and pull strings. Our children and our grandchildren will be the judges and possibly the victims of our degree of vision and our commitment.

 - Lord Puttnam, 1988

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This commitment to safeguarding the planet was further consolidated when he became founding chair of Forum for the Future and culminated in his chairmanship of the Joint Parliamentary Scrutiny Committee on the Draft Climate Change Bill. The eventual Bill for which this committee was responsible (the Climate Change Bill of 2007) contained the principal limits and 'terms of trade' still adhered to today. It also remains a benchmark to which many other nations aspire. Lord Puttnam’s continued support for environmental matters is underlined by his recent appointment as International Ambassador for WWF, and in his involvement with the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit.

David and Patsy Puttnam meet Pope Francis to discuss Climate Change - September 2016

David and Patsy Puttnam meet Pope Francis to discuss Climate Change - September 2016

Significant carbon reduction cannot be achieved without widespread public support, understanding and consequent behaviour change, and the Government must seriously consider how best this can be achieved.

- Lord Puttnam, Draft Climate Change Bill, 2007

While filming Local Hero in the early 1980s, Lord Puttnam was invited to become president of the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE), a position that helped cement his life-long passion for the environment.