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David Puttnam

The Shark Awards 2013

The Shark Awards 2013

13 September, 2013

A Video interview with Lord Puttnam and Michael Cullen can be found below.


Part of Speech from the Shark Awards 2013.

"As the long-time President of UNICEF in the UK I’m keenly aware that this whole issue of our approach to intellectual property has enormous implications for our relationship with the developing world.

The sharing of creativity and knowledge must be at the heart of any policy designed to promote development on the broader international stage.  

I’m not at all comfortable with the idea that, in a sustainably interdependent world, any one nation could or should seek to advance at the expense of others.  

Any nation pursuing that policy is likely to quickly discover that such a strategy is, in the long-run, self defeating.   

It could also be represented as veering uncomfortably close to a new form neo-colonialism."