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David Puttnam

IT Professionals Day celebrates contribution to sector and economy

IT Professionals Day celebrates contribution to sector and economy

26 April, 2016

IT Professionals Day celebrates contribution to sector and economy

Today has been designated IT Professionals Day to celebrate the contribution made by technology professionals to business and society.

In an event to highlight the day, the Irish Computer Society awarded honorary fellowships to Lord David Puttnam in recognition of his contribution as a digital champion and to Mary Moloney, global CEO of CodorDojo, in recognition of her significant contribution in the field of information technology.

“My obsessive interest in computing and the digital world was first sparked when I worked for the UK’s Department of Education in the late 1990’s,” said Lord David Puttnam, “and it became clear to me that the digital world had the opportunity to completely transform teaching and learning. I wanted to be part of that”.

According to the ICS, there is increasing demand across Europe for highly skilled digital workers and all businesses and sectors need better digital skills to maintain their competitiveness.

“As members of the IT profession, we contribute to the fastest growing, exciting and significant parts of both the Irish and global economy, “said Jim Friars, CEO of the Irish Computer Society. “Information technology is embedded in every workplace, educational institution, home and social enterprise. IT Professionals Day has been established to recognise and highlight this contribution and to ensure that there is a better awareness of these facts across all aspects of society. IT Professionals should be proud of their contribution.”

IT Professionals Day asks those in the profession to get involved online, to commit to a code of conduct, connect by availing of ICS membership with access to the online CPD system, and contribute by giving time to Smart Futures volunteer programme and/or input to a European-wide survey on ICT professionalism through the EU Professionalism Project.

IT pros are also asked to tweet using #itprodayeu and #standupandgiveback

A number of chief information officers and senior professionals in the sector have shared their thoughts in a series of videos on www.techweek.ie/it-professionals-day/

Source: TechCetral