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David Puttnam

Online voting would cheapen democracy

Online voting would cheapen democracy

07 May, 2015

Lord Puttnam discusses trust and youth voting at the Marketing Society Annual LectureAs Great Britain takes to the polling stations, Labour peer Lord Puttnam spoke to Marketing about the key political and societal issues threatening democracy and brand trust.

Lord Puttnam took to the stage last month at the Marketing Society Annual Lecture at BAFTA to discuss his view on leadership and call on marketers to use their position to drive social change.

One of Lord Puttnam's primary concerns is the "serious" level at which younger people are becoming disengaged with politics.

Should you make democracy that simple? Should you make it inexpensive?

"A lot of people try to pretend there isn’t a problem or that it will go away. What I am showing is that there is a problem with young people and disengagement with politics. It really has now set in and it is really serious," he said.