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David Puttnam

Education in Europe in the digital age

Education in Europe in the digital age

10 October, 2014

It's likely to be a commitment to education, and the 'wisdom' and 'judgment' that hopefully develops from it, that will determine the eventual successes and failures of the twenty-first century.

As we here in Europe continue to work our way through the ramifications of the 2008 economic crisis, I'd suggest that wisdom is something we find ourselves increasingly short of.

Ever more demanding news cycles, economic and employment figures that are scrutinised every quarter, a world so 'interconnected' that a slip of the tongue, or an ill-thought through policy in one hemisphere, can wreak instant havoc in another.

This is a tough environment in which to make well-thought-through policy decisions, yet huge issues, like long-term youth unemployment, demand that we here in Europe dramatically - 'raise our game'.

Increasingly, many of the problems we face pit the present against the future; this generation against those as yet unborn - that's why the young need to have a far greater voice, and take far greater responsibility for what will, after all, be their future.