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David Puttnam

Audio Gallery

Audio Gallery

  • FILM DISRUPTORS Ep 8 David Puttnam

  • Lord Puttnam speaks to The Marian Finucane Show, Saturday 15 June 2019

  • Jeremy Vine - What makes us Human? Lord Puttnam

  • The John Murray Show with Mirriam - Youth Unemployment and Education

  • Ed Miliband's leadership a "considerable gift" for the Conservatives

  • David Puttnam with George Lee on Digital World and Education

  • In conversation with Roy Plomley - 1984

  • Sunday With Mirriam - RTE Radio 1

  • Media master - in-depth one-to-one interview

  • Monocle 24 - Lord Puttnam - The Big Interview

  • David Puttnam calls for Remain vote