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Lord Puttnam's Work & Vision

In summarising his engagement with the world of education, Lord Puttnam has described his work and his vision in the following way:

“It has allowed me the opportunity to engage with people who, every day of their working lives, are attempting to mould the ‘building blocks’, the 

quality of which will determine our ability to secure the future.

These ‘building blocks’ are, of course, our children; and the people I find myself working with are their teachers. Children and young people are our single most precious asset and I want to achieve a more secure and imaginative future for them.

That requires that we become significantly more imaginative - most particularly in respect of the way in which we educate our young people. This being the case then I believe we have no choice but to embrace the equally immense power of the most recent digital technologies in learning at every level. Such technology – mobile telephony and the internet in particular – has fundamentally reshaped the way in which people of every age connect with, make sense of, and engage with the world.

We need the world of education and learning to embrace these technologies in ways that make the present rate of progress look exactly what it is – woefully inadequate.”