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Lord Puttnam has an extremely wide range of interests ranging from film and the creative industries, to media regulation to education to climate change. The breadth of his interests is reflected throughout the speeches which he has given over the last two decades and which have covered all of these topics from a wide variety of angles.

He has especially focussed on the development and implementation of public policy around these issues and has looked at them from regional, national and international perspectives. The advent of digital technologies and their impact on the film, the creative industries and education has been a particular interest in recent years. The importance of the distinction between the citizen and the consumer in relation to the development of policy has also been a recurrent theme as has the crucial importance of stimulating political engagement, especially among the young.

In recent years, the theme of cross-media ownership and the regulation of the media more generally have been particularly prominent, a preoccupation that has become particularly timely in the wake of the Leveson Inquiry into the Culture, Practice and Ethics of the Press in the UK.

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