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David Puttnam

Skibbereen Making Ireland Click

Skibbereen - Making Ireland Click

29 October, 2016

Town is being seen as a blueprint for local regeneration

SKIBBEREEN is being held up as ‘the blueprint for rural regeneration’ in a new programme on RTÉ.

The first episode in the four-part documentary series, Making Ireland Click – which was produced by the award-winning Skibbereen filmmaker, Adrian McCarthy, and features Ireland’s Digital Champion, Lord David Puttnam – will be televised at 7.30pm on RTÉ One on Monday, October 31st.

The programme looks at how Ireland is in the middle of a digital revolution that is transforming every aspect of our daily lives, and how technology has connected people in ways that couldn’t have imagined 30 years ago.

In the series, Adrian McCarthy of Wildfire Films, said Lord David Puttnam encourages everybody to do more with, and embrace, on-line technology because those that don’t could find themselves left behind. The series also looks at changes in the way we learn, the way we shop, the way we work, and even the way we talk to our friends and family.

Each of the four episodes handles a major theme, such as the use of technology in our education system, but West Cork audiences will be particularly interested to learn about the impact that high-speed broadband is having in Skibbereen, and how Ludgate’s success can be shared with other towns around Ireland and abroad.

Source: SouthernStar