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David Puttnam

David Puttnam opens 'Boolean Expressions' at The Glucksman Gallery

David Puttnam opens 'Boolean Expressions' at The Glucksman Gallery

27 July, 2015

Boolean Expressions: contemporary art and mathematical data

On Friday 24 July David Puttnam opened the new exhibition at the Glucksman Gallery, 'Boolean Expressions'. 

The exhibition 'Boolean Expressions: Art and Mathematical Data' examines themes relevant to the legacy of George Boole and explores the ways in which artists use mathematical ideas and systems in their work. 

David Puttnam spoke of his frustration at what he saw as the repeated need to emphasise the links between science and art.

“We shouldn’t have to remind ourselves every five or 10 years that science and art are indivisible,” he said. From synchronised sound in film to the creation of colour, “every innovation has been art interpreted and science generated”.


Opening of Boolean Expressions

Wonderful video of Lord David Puttnam opening Boolean Expressions, the exciting new exhibition exploring how artists are using technology, at the Lewis Glucksman Gallery in Cork. Video: Denis Scannell/ Irish Examiner

Posted by University College Cork on Monday, 10 August 2015


David Puttnam at Boolean Expressions Exhibition







David Puttnam at Boolean Expression 2