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David Puttnam

Greenpeace Activist story entices Lord Puttnam back to filmmaking

Greenpeace Activist story entices Lord Puttnam back to filmmaking

14 September, 2015

On 9th September, BFI 'Greening Film' reported on David's return to film production with Arctic 30:

"David Puttnam announced his return to producing earlier this summer to make Arctic 30, a drama based on Ben Stewart’s book Don’t Trust Don’t Fear Don’t Beg. The film, his first for 17 years, will tell the story of the Greenpeace activists who where imprisoned in Russia on charges of piracy as a result of protesting against oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean.

Puttnam, who spent two years chairing the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Climate Change, has previously spoken about the importance of individual contributions and the role of creativity in facing the challenges of climate change. Producing this film is clearly his way of underscoring that premise. He commented that it “needs someone to crack one essential problem, which is how you turn the Artic into a character. That is a very interesting creative challenge”. If they succeed, author Stewart who is also Head of Media at Greenpeace acknowledges, they will have made a “profoundly important film”. The film has a planned release date of 2017."


















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