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David Puttnam

David Puttnam delivers LaSalle Lecture 'In Person'

David Puttnam delivers LaSalle Lecture 'In Person'

26 October, 2015

On 26th October, David Puttnam delivered LaSalle’s eighth film lecture ‘in person’ at their campus in Singapore.

This was the latest in a series of lectures delivered by Atticus Education, David Puttnam’s online education company through which he uses HD video-conferencing to deliver live interactive film seminars to students around the world, from his home in Ireland.

However, for this lecture, ‘The Role of Casting and Performance’, David travelled to Singapore to meet his students and give them an opportunity for them for a Q&A session in person.  

David Puttnam will return to LaSalle on November 9th to Deliver the second of his 'in person' lectures, 'The Role of Sound and Music'. 



















Photos: ©2015 Vaishagh Sabu