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David Puttnam



The acclaimed producer of such classic films as Chariots of Fire and The Killing Fields, David Puttnam has written two books that will change our understanding of the movie business.

The Undeclared War: Struggle for Control of the World's Film Industry

An account of the way in which Hollywood has achieved almost total sovereignty over the world's movies.It tells of a battle which has seen Hollywood establish itself as an economic force.

Movies & Money

Movies & Money: A fascinating behind-the-scenes history of the movie business, and of the unique and frequently unholy alliance between commerce and art that underpins it.


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Essays in Books:

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Research & Reports

  • AI in the UK: Ready, willing and able? House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence (April 2018) 
  • Parliament in the Public Eye 2006: Coming into Focus? (Hansard Society, London 2006)
  • Members Only? Parliament in the Public Eye: Report of the Hansard Society Commission on the Communication of Parliamentary Democracy. (Hansard Society, London, 2005)
  • A Report to the E.C. Think Tank on Audio Visual Policy (1994)

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