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David Puttnam

Arctic 30

  • ARCTIC 30

    A new movie based on Ben Stewart's book 'Don't Trust, Don't Fear, Don't Beg, The Extraordinary Story of the Arctic 30'.

  • ARCTIC 30

    A new movie based on Ben Stewart's book 'Don't Trust, Don't Fear, Don't Beg, The Extraordinary Story of the Arctic 30'.

"Arctic 30" The Movie

In 2015 Lord Puttnam announced his return to film-making with an exciting new project about the Arctic 30, a group of Greenpeace activists who were imprisoned by the Russians following a protest against oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean. In telling this compelling story, the film will also highlight the perils of climate change and the fragility of our environment - causes that have always been of huge importance to Lord Puttnam.

After an 18 year ‘career break’ from film production, David Puttnam has returned to oversee the production of an environmental drama, Arctic 30, based on Ben Stewart's book ‘Don’t Trust, Don’t Fear, Don’t Beg, The Extraordinary Story of the Arctic 30’. .

“Not really believing in coincidences, I found myself absorbing Ben Stewart’s recounting of the adventures of ‘The Arctic Thirty’ at exactly the same time as being urged by my friend and colleague, Hani Farsi, to use my former skills to highlight my environmental concerns.”

The film will recount the true story of the group of Greenpeace Activists who, in September 2013 scaled a Russian oil platform in an attempt to ‘Save the Arctic’.

Their protest was met with brutal force as Putin’s commandos seized their ship. Towed to the mainland under armed guard, the Arctic 30 were charged with piracy and faced fifteen years in Russia’s vicious prison system…

David Puttnam is not simply interested in the film’s dramatic appeal, but is himself, passionate about finding an answer to the developing crisis of climate change, which he believes to be ‘the greatest challenge the human race has ever faced’.

In 2007, he chaired the Joint Parliamentary Committee on the Draft Climate Change Bill, from which emerged the worlds first Climate Change Act. In 2014 he gave a talk at a TEDx event, ‘The Reality of Climate Change’. (embed link?)

 “All the classes I do, every course I teach is all about the importance of film and it's ability to change society… If that isn’t true, then my life has been largely wasted.”

David will co-produce the movie with Hani Farsi of Corniche Pictures. The creative team has yet to be announced. 

Lord David Puttnam talks climate change
and filmmaking


Meet 'The Real Arctic 30'

The Arctic is now the center of one of the world’s great environmental battles. As temperatures rise in the region, the world’s largest oil companies are eyeing vast new untapped reserves once covered year-round by ice. Environmentalists are pushing back in an attempt to save the pristine Arctic and keep the oil underground. 

Visit the official greepace arctic 30 site here